Ball Bender Black

Ball Bender Black



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BALLBENDER--small profile, but BIG super soft squishy silicone.BALLBENDER cups your ballsack and lifts it, pushes it up and out for a bigger bulge...wear it around your balls and it looks like a small Ball Stretcher ring from the front--but underneath it lifts up your nuts, kinda like when you wrap your hand around your ballsack and lift em up and out...making small ball-sacks look biggerand big balls obscene.Wear it for play--it`s not too bulky and it`s made of our squishiest silicone so it feels amazing on...or wear it under gear for a bigger bulge, and non-stop nut-hugging and tugging on your sack. It keeps your balls out in front, (most Ball Stretchers push your balls back between your legs)--a perfect toy to keep those nuts OUT and PROUD for CBT play, or balls-to-butt slappin` fucking!Silicone is our favorite material for Ball Stretchers, Ox Balls is the only company making cock-toys in the pure platinum super soft silicone...lube up BALLBENDER and slip your balls thr...

Manufacturer: Blue Ox Designs Llc
SKU: OXB-1203
UPC: 840215111203
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