Ff Nipple Clamps and Cockring Set(disc)

Ff Nipple Clamps and Cockring Set(disc)



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Make your nipples perk with pleasure with this incredible Nipple Clamps and Cockring Set. The alligator nipple clamps are attached to a round metal cockring that helps maintain firm erections and prolongs ejaculation. With each movement of the chains, the clamps gently stimulate your nipples, while the cockring puts a squeeze on performance letdowns. The clamps are lined with rubber and feature a stem screw to adjust tension, and the height of the cockring can be modified as well by adjusting the vinyl strap. Choose your desired tension on the clamps and explore your fetish fantasies!Alligator Nipple Clamps Metal Cockring Adjustable Vinyl Height Strap.

Manufacturer: Pipedream Products,inc.
SKU: PD2119-23
UPC: 603912312362
Weight: 0.3400 ounces
Height: 2.25 inches
Width: 4.75 inches
Length: 7.75 inches